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A charger au format PDF, pour lire tranquillement hors connexion, mais en anglais, malheureusement pour les pauvres francophones que nous sommes!!!

Le contenu: les contacts extraterrestres avec Mars, les relations entre extraterrestres et gouvernements, abductions, etc. Basé sur des témoignages (recueillis par régression hypnotique?) et des témoins directs.


Pour ceux qui voudraient plus de précisions, voici la table des matières des 3 livres à charger:

Livre n°1

Preface by Stephanie Relfe

Summary by Michael Relfe

Definitions of Healing Therapies Used
Understanding the Time Line
Chonological List Of Events
Visual Representation of Time Line

A)Clearing Biofeedback Meter.
B) Acknowledgements.
C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session.
More on the Biofeedback Meter

The Mind

The File Clerk

To “As is”: How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared

The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter:

Tone Arm (TA)
READS: Short Falls, Falls and Long Falls
Floating Needle
‘Yes’ and ‘No’
Rock Slam
Underlined v. not underlined words
Other Abbreviations
A summary of symbols used
Organisation of The Mars Records: Sessions & Chapters


Repeating Technique

The Clearing Practitioner's Code of Ethics


Emotional Stress Release
'The Wernicke’s Correction'

Session 1: Remembrance of Mars

Session 2: Killing with Remote Viewing

Session 3: Battle in Space

Session 4: Drugs in Restimulation

Session 5: An Untimely Death on the Hills of Mars

Session 6: Booby Traps against Memory Recall I

Session 7: Abiliity Blocking Device

Session 8: Remote Viewing on Mars

Session 9: Drugs to improve Psychic Abilities

Session 10: Family Upset I

Session 11: Pine Gap (Australia) Interference

Session 12: Family Upset II

Session 13: Super Learning I

Session 14: Super Learning II

Session 15: Eight Years Old

Session 16: Super Learning III

Session 17: ‘Booby Traps’ Against Remembering II

Session 18: Mind Control Commands I:Mind Control

Session 19: Wernicke’s Commands II: Health problems

Session 20: Casualties of Mars

Session 21: ‘Super Learning’ III

Session 22: Machines Amplify Abilities

Session 23: Erased Incident

Session 24: Airport Incident

Session 25: Suppressing Metaphysical Abilities

Session 26: Homestead Airforce Base USA

Session 27: Remote Viewing Practice

Session 28: Zero Time Reference Point

Chapter 29: An ‘Impossible’ Message from the Internet

Session 30: Scars Appear Overnight

Session 31: Wernicke’s Commands III: From the Military

Session 32: Energy Medicine Session

Session 33: Buffalo Bill’s Casino, Las Vegas

Session 34: Compartmentalised personalities

Session 35: Drugs and Reptilian Doctors

Session 36: Missouri and Reptilians

Session 37: A Blinding Headache

Session 38: Scars Again

Session 39: Wernicke’s Commands IV: Cause of Pain

Session 40: No result

Session 41: ‘Abduction’ to Homestead Airforce Base

Session 42: Kinesiology for Teeth

Session 43: Wernicke’s Commands V: Metaphysical Abilities

Session 44: Wernicke’s Commands VI: Theta Levels

Session 45: Blocks to Remote Viewing

Session 46: Wernicke’s Commands VIII: Sex

Session 47: Wernicke’s Commands IX: Memory Recall

Session 48: ‘Abduction’ in Dallas

Chapter 49: A Strange Accident – or not?

Session 50: Dental trauma

Session 51: Dental Trauma II

Session 52: Witchcraft

Session 53: ‘Abductions’ in Australia

Session 54: Time Travel in Dallas

Session 55: An Agreement with the Greys & the Military

Session 56: Checked Out by Greys on Mars

Session 57: PSI Training on Mars, Phase 1

Conclusion By Michael Relfe

Why are they doing this ?
Are you in danger from this book ?
What proof do you have?
What if no one believes ?
What do you think about what has happened to you ?
If you are a Christian, why has this happened to you ?
How can I be involved ?
Final Thoughts
Additional Request
Appendix 1: Easy Ways You Can Support This Project

Appendix II: Interview with Al Bielek 1990

Appendix III: Interview with Al Bielek 1991

Appendix IV: A Lecture By Phil Schneider: May 1995

Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget
The Fire Fight At Dulce Base
Government Factions, Railroad Cars and Shackle Contracts
America's Black Program Contractors
Star Wars and Apparent Alien Threat
Stealth Aircraft Technology Use by U.S. Agencies and the U.N.
Guardians of Stealth and Delta Force: ‘The Bosnia Conflict
Bombings in the United States
The Truth Behind the Republican Contract With America
Statistics on the Black Helicopter Presence
Government Earthquake Device
AIDS as a Bioweapon Based on Alien Excretions
Appendix V: Phillip Schneider Investigation

Why Phil Schneider went Public
Appendix VI: Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare

Excerpt: from Moody Deliverance Manual
Warfare Prayers and Deliverance by Win Worley
Beginning Deliverance Session
Ending Deliverance Session
Further Notes by Michael Relfe:
Praying for protection
Prayers against aliens
Appendix VII: How to Do the Wernicke’s Correction

Appendix VIII: More about Kinesiology:

The only symptoms of disease
The Cloacals
Appendix IX: Biography of Stephanie Relfe

Appendix X: To Learn More About Clearing & Kinesiology




Livre n°2
Preface by Stephanie Relfe 1
Summary by Michael Relfe 8
Definitions of Healing Therapies Used 10
Clearing 12
A) The Clearing Biofeedback Meter 12
B) Acknowledgements. 13
C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session. 14
More on the Biofeedback Meter 15
The Mind 18
The File Clerk 19
To "As is": How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared 20
The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter 21
Tone Arm (TA) 21
READS: Short Falls, Falls and Long Falls 23
Floating Needle 24
'Yes' and 'No' 25
Rock Slam 26
Underlined v. not underlined words 27
Other Abbreviations 27
A summary of symbols used 28
Metabolism 29
Drugs 29
Repeating Technique 30
The Clearing Practitioner's Code of Ethics 31
Kinesiology 32
Emotional Stress Release 34
'The Wernicke's Correction' 35
Organisation of The Mars Records: Sessions & Chapters 38
Session 58: Wernicke's Commands X: Memory Recall 39
Session 59: 'Abduction' of March 25 42
Session 60: 'Abduction' 23rd April & Wernicke's Commands 46
Session 61: More Wernicke's: Memory Recall 47
Session 62: Mechanical Memory Blocking Device 48
Chapter 63: A Breast Lump & Radionics 52
Session 64: Secret Testing at Armed Forces Enlisted Station 54
Session 65: Implanted at Boot Camp 61
Session 66: Poison Hand 66
Weird Phone Noises 67
Chapter 67: A Bad Reptilian 68
Session 68: Reptilian Interference 70
Session 69: Missing Piece of Toenail & Alien Drugs 71
Session 70: Demonic Attack 77
Session 71: A Visit to Pine Gap 78
Session 72: Assassinations from Mars 81
Session 73: 'They' watch the E-groups 87
Session 74: More Wernicke's Commands 88
Session 75: Drugs in the Etheric Body 89
Session 76: A Special Project 94
Chapter 77: Weird things happen to Computer 98
Session 78: Break Soul Ties 99
Session 79: Terminations 4 - 10 100
Session 80: Balancing the Etheric Body with Kinesiology 105
Session 81: Reptilian Wernicke's Commands in Etheric Body 106
Session 82: More Wernicke's Comands 107
Session 83: Attacks on the Etheric Body 108
Session 84: Another Abduction 109
Session 85: Brain Surgery 110
Session 86: Termination No. 11 117
Session 87: Vanishing Scars 118
Session 88: More Wernicke's Commands 119
Session 89: Testosterone Levels: Medical Results 120
Michael's Testosterone Levels Before Kinesiology 122
Michael's Testosterone & DHEA Levels After Kinesiology 125
Session 90: Multiple Layers of Wernicke's Commands 127
Session 91: Radionics Drugs 131
Session 92: Alien Abduction 134
Session 93: Alien Abduction continued 135
Session 94: Cutting into third eye 138
Session 95: Erasure 142
Session 96: Praying Against Hypnotism 143
Session 97: High Temperature 144
Session 98: Inoculation 147
Session 99: Radionic Attack 151
Session 100: YOU can stop Abductions! 152
Session 101: Female Reptilians are Mean! 154
Session 102: Operation at 12 Years Old to Increase Abilities 155
Session 103: An Attack from Reptilians 159
Session 104: Black Light Markings from Abduction 160
Session 105: Abduction of April 21 2001 162
Session 106: Wernicke's Commands from April 21 Abduction 163
Session 107: Invasion Earth 165
Session 108: Not relevant to this book 172
Session 109: Hired Occultists 172
Appendix I: Interview by 173
Appendix II: Interview by Eve Lorgen 189
Appendix III: YOU can STOP Alien & Military Abduction! 202
Appendix IV: Defeating Electronic Witchcraft 219
Appendix V: Defeating Holographic Attack 222
Appendix VI: Destroying a Coven 225
To Learn More About Clearing & Kinesiology 235

The Mars Force: Pat's Story
How Pat's membership in a Military Cadet Program led to Military Abductions and the Suppressing of her Psychic Abilities.
A Free EBook With Biofeedback Meter Readings

Session 1: Violent Reaction
Session 2: A Reptilian Attacks Pat's Heart
Session 3: Interview
Session 4: Remote Viewers Interfere
Session 5: Testing members at a famous CEO's House
Session 6: Mind Control on a Decommissioned Naval Ship
Session 7: Transported to Mars
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Le physicien affirme avoir trouvé des traces de plusieurs explosions nucléaires importantes sur Mars, qui ont détruit deux civilisations martiennes, connues sous le nom Cydonia et Utopia

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